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Posted by: Suzanne Aurilio
Date: 10/31/2007 11:10 am
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Integrating Technology in the 1st-Year Seminar 
CSU Chico’s First-Year Seminar (FYS), UNIV 101, serves over 500 incoming students each year.  This project will enhance student learning outcomes in the course by addressing the following issues:

•    the use of inconsistent content and pedagogy across sections (currently 23; 25-30 sections planned for Fall 08);
•    the lack of statistically significant gains in students’ understanding of information literacy, which is one important component of the course content;
•    the use of assignments which are disconnected from students’ lived experiences and real needs;
•    the lack of consistent quality in students’ introduction to and use of WebCT Vista;
•    the failure to acknowledge what students know about technology and the inability to engage them in meaningful conversations around the links between technology and learning.

This project includes a series of developments that will address these problems through:
•    creating a common WebCT Vista shell for all sections of the course, to provide consistency and innovative pedagogy to support learning communities within and across sections;
•    creation of an online resource for the development of a common virtual text based on authentic student experience, and the archiving of student work for assessment purposes;
•    re-designing the information literacy portion of the course to link instruction to meaningful student inquiry projects focused on enhanced academic content of the course. In addition, the librarian for the First Year Experience will deliver a single large lecture to students in multiple sections which will be integrated with small group meetings with student teams;
•    exploration of students' use of mobile computer technology as important arenas for learning and delivery of course content through the TeachBack program.


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