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By Suzanne Aurilio - 11/20/2007 Yoshiko Saito-Abbott writes…We use JAPN380 as a course number –

By Suzanne Aurilio - 11/20/2007


Featured Campus Project: CSU San Bernardino

The focus of our project is the transformation of our first-year experience project, the Gateway Program. We plan to restructure the program so that the third Gateway-enhanced course that students take will be a large class (such as PSYCH 100, HSCI 120, or HIST 142) transformed—through technology and other pedagogical strategies—from a lecture-based format into inquiry-based courses that promote active learning and greater teacher-student interaction and are consistent with the Gateway Program philosophy.

 Utilizing the three Gateway-enhanced large classes in Spring 2008 as part of the Spring 2008 offering will enable us to achieve our learning outcomes at a much lower cost than the previous approach, which would have us offering sixteen Gateway-enhanced courses in the Spring 2008 capped at 20 students.

 You can learn more about our project on our website.