Project Summary

Posted by: Suzanne Aurilio
Date: 10/31/2007 11:15 am
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Developing an Effective Process for Transforming Courses
Our primary objective is to jointly develop a systematic process for our faculty members to effectively redesign courses to improve student success.  Towards that end we will develop a model to achieve the following outcomes:

•    educate faculty about course redesign principles, goals and methods.
•    demonstrate the assessment and evaluation methods faculty may use when considering a redesign of a course.
•    provide a step-by-step model which faculty may use when redesigning a course.
•    implement an assessment and reassessment process for use in determining the impact of redesign on teaching, learning and costs.

We have established the following milestones in our project plan to achieve these goals:

1)    Complete analysis and outreach required to identify courses and faculty on both campuses.
2)    Implement Course Redesign Training jointly with partner campus
3)    Identify faculty redesign goals, strategies and methods to assess student learning outcomes.
4)    Identify methods and practices required to implement the redesign including technology when appropriate.
5)    Complete the “step by step model” as referred to above.
6)    Assess teaching impact, learning impact and cost.
7)    Capture the story along with the training model, and apply to other faculty.

Student success will be measured by decreased withdrawal rates, increased final grades and student satisfaction surveys. Costs will be reduced by fewer drops and withdrawals in course and lower failure rates. Costs will also be decreased by reducing student and faculty time to achieve specified learning outcomes.