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Business Math at CSUN Achieves 20 point Rise in Exam Grades

Congratulations to Katherine Stevenson, leader of the Transforming Course Design project for Math 103 ( Mathematical Methods for Business), who received a CSU Northridge 2008 Honored Faculty Award for Distinguished Teaching. Kate recently reported outstanding final exam results from the project: "Our average score across 12 sections of math 103 on the common final was 70%. There were 428 students taking the exam, and it was commonly graded on Saturday May 10th. The average this term represents a more than a 20 point improvement over last term. The exams over the last three terms have been similar, but of course not identical. However, even assuming the usual variations on exam difficulty, instructors, and spring/fall student differences, this is a significant improvement." You can learn more about the methods used in the course redesign in the podcast on the left side of this page.

SDSU's 2nd Annual Course Design Institute

Designing Courses to Work Smarter Tuesday, May 27, 8:00-4:00 PM Maximize the learning potential of the Internet Entice students to learn more outside class Embrace diverse abilities and perspectives Energize learning communities Partner with resource providers KEYNOTE SPEAKERS Andrew Milne, CEO Tidebreak Inc. Marilee Bresciani, Author of Assessing Student Learning in General Education Tom Carey, University of Waterloo, Canada Mark Laumakis, Faculty in Residence, SDSU Instructional Technology Services For more and to RSVP for the free event, go to

Collaborative Teams address instructional costs

Our team members attending the national Redesign Alliance conference in March concluded that many CSU institutions have already implemented the cost reduction strategies used in Course Redesigns led by the National Center for Academic Transformation. (At some campuses, it did appear that the

CSU Monterey Bay to apply Course Redesign for technology and information literacy

A joint project team from the CSUMB Library and the School of Information Technology and Communication Design will be developing a course redesign for CST 101, a course in technology and information literacy. The team plans to reduce sections of CST 101 from

Math 103 Lab: It Works

What makes it work so well?
What are the lessons learned?

In this podcast, Community Steward, Suzanne Aurilio chats with Kate Stevenson about her Math Lab at CSU Northridge.

Kate Stevenson

Featured Campus Project: CSU San Bernardino

The focus of our project is the transformation of our first-year experience project, the Gateway Program. We plan to restructure the program so that the third Gateway-enhanced course that students take will be a large class (such as PSYCH 100, HSCI 120, or HIST 142) transformed—through technology and other pedagogical strategies—from a lecture-based format into inquiry-based courses that promote active learning and greater teacher-student interaction and are consistent with the Gateway Program philosophy.

 Utilizing the three Gateway-enhanced large classes in Spring 2008 as part of the Spring 2008 offering will enable us to achieve our learning outcomes at a much lower cost than the previous approach, which would have us offering sixteen Gateway-enhanced courses in the Spring 2008 capped at 20 students.

 You can learn more about our project on our website.

Campus Projects

Channel Islands Cal Poly Pomona
ChicoIntegrating Technology in the 1st-Year Seminar - Promoting Student Success in Undergraduate Scholarship using Information Literacy and New Media Technology Across Disciplines Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Dominguez Hills Promoting Student Success in Undergraduate Scholarship using Information Literacy and New Media Technology Across Disciplines  SacramentoImproving Academic Success - Using Adjuncts for Gatekeeper General Education Courses
East Bay San Bernardino
FullertonDeveloping an Effective Process for Transforming Courses (In collaboration with San Marcos) San Diego StateA Formative Evaluation Framework to Facilitate Development of Blended, Hybrid, and Distance Education Coursesfor General Education and Professional Education"
Long BeachSAGE Designs for Learning: Linking GE Assessment Outcomes to Transforming Course Design [advisory role for SFSU] San Francisco State Calculus in the New Millennium
Los Angeles San Marcos
Monterey BayRedesign of CST 101 [Tech Tools] StanislausImproving Campus Community & Learning for Transfer Students: The Summit Program
Northridge MathBridging the Gap: Improving Passing Rates in Math 103 – Mathematical Methods for Business Sonoma State Supporting and Transforming Academic Milestones: Pachyderm-Enhanced Demonstrations and Education

Collaborative Projects

Virtual Professional Development for Master Teachers
CSU Northridge + CSUDH, CSULA

Distributed Synchronous Language Learning
CSU Monterey Bay + CSUS, CSULB

Collaboration, Consolidation and Transformation of "High Enrollment, Low Success" Courses in History
Fresno State + Humboldt, Chico, SDSU