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Project Summary

Posted by: Suzanne Aurilio
Date: 10/31/2007 11:17 am
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SAGE Designs for Learning: Linking GE Assessment Outcomes to Transforming Course Design [advisory role for SFSU]
The central goal of the SAGE Designs for Learning project is to link assessment activities with improved student learning and student success.  The CSULB general education program initiated an assessment project called S.A.G.E (Student Achievement in General Education) during the 06/07 academic year. In SAGE Designs for Learning we plan to extend the SAGE project by adding a course redesign component. Eight faculty partners teaching GE foundation courses will use their SAGE assessment outcomes to identify student learning challenges that impact student learning and student success.

These faculty partners will collectively take our course redesign faculty development modules (e-Merging Learning Workshop) with the goal of transforming a component of their GE foundation courses.  The e-Merging Learning Workshop provides LMS-based modules specific to improving learning and student success and helps faculty members understand how the Learning Management System can be used to improve student/faculty interaction, increase interaction among students, provide a tool for continuous assessment and feedback, and add flexibility for collaborative learning in a commuter campus environment. 

In addition to incorporating general education assessment into transforming course design processes, our key objectives in the project include the creation of an online community of practice in general education and integrating transforming course design with ongoing activities in faculty development.