Monthly Updates

March - October 2007

November 2007 Update: Multi-campus RFPs due on Nov 30th
Highlights from current project web logs

October 2007 Call for Nominations for Multi-campus collaborations (PDF 160k) 
The RFP seeks collaborations around high impact courses 

October 2007 Update: Reducing Instructional Costs (PDF 144k) Summary of summer workshop participants' views and conclusions on reducing instructional costs.

September 2007 Update: Enhancing Learning Outcomes (PDF 176k) Summary of the summer workshop participants' discussions on learning outcomes.

July-August 2007 Update: Summer Events  (PDF 152k) Short summaries of summer events.

May 2007 Update: 2007 RFP Awards (PDF 160k) Summarizes award recipients, award amounts, and project types.

April 2007 Update: Questions & Answers on 2007 RFP (PDF 168k)  Includes TCD Index, Events and Projects open to collaboration, Website for RFP Q&A and RFP evaluation panel. 

March 2007: Request for Proposal Complete RFP 

March 2007: Program Overview  (PDF 164k) Complete Program Overview

February 2008 - Launch of multicampus collaborations for 'high impact, low success' courses

Seventeen CSU institutions are collaborating on two multi-campus initiatives in Transforming Course Design. Provosts nominated target ‘high enrolment, low success' courses in Fall 07, and a short list prepared by the state-wide Academic Technology Advisory Committee was then circulated to all institutions for input on priorities. The two Design teams will engage in cooperative redesign of new course structures, activities and resources which will be available for incorporation into campus courses. They are supported by Review Teams who can provide evaluations and recommendations to insure that the work products delivered in June 2008 are fully informed by the needs and contexts across the CSU.  More

February 2008 - Highlights from ongoing Transforming Course Design projects

Highlights from campus project weblogs, events outside the CSU and More

April 2008

In this program Update, members of the multi-campus teams collaborating on Developmental Math and General Chemistry share their ideas for enhancing course outcomes and addressing instructional costs.