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Posted by: Suzanne Aurilio
Date: 11/20/2007 8:36 am
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Title: Virtual Professional Development for Master Teachers

Category: Multi-campus Disciplinary Collaborations

Each year, CSUN places over 1,700 student teachers in K-12 classrooms under the direct supervision of master teachers or support providers for the requisite two semesters of clinical supervision in the teacher preparation programs… These critical experiences in the teacher preparation program lack consistency in quality across hundreds of master teachers or support providers.

The three member intra-campus collaboration team, in consultation with the intra-campus consultants and the inter-campus representatives, will design and develop a common website for master teachers in all three credential programs with two distinct virtual components—clinical supervision information/resources and professional development/training. While the majority of these two virtual components will share much in common across all three credential programs within the college, as well as across CSU campuses offering teacher preparation programs, a substantial portion is expected to be unique to each of the programs and campuses.  Therefore, both the common components and the unique components to each of the programs at CSUN will be designed collaboratively so as to maintain uniformity in the technology architecture and the infrastructure to encompass future intra- and inter-campus collaboration projects on clinical supervision.

Contact: Sandra Chong,


INTRA-CAMPUS Collaboration Team
Judy Lombardi (Faculty, SED)
Sally Spencer (Faculty, SPED)
INTRA-CAMPUS Collaboration Consultants   
Nancy Burstein (Chairperson, SPED)
Bonnie Ericson (Chairperson, SED)
David Kretschmer (Chairperson, EED)
Marilynn Filbeck (CSUN Assessment Director)
Technology, Multimedia, & ADA Experts (3 persons)   
INTER-CAMPUS Collaboration Representatives

Helene Mandell (CalStateTeach)
Dawn Berlin (CSUDH)
Lilia Sarmiento (CSUDH)
Kimberly Persiani Becker (CSULA)
Delores Beltran (CSULA)