By Suzanne Aurilio - 11/14/2007 Shelagh Nugent writes ... There will be vital technology component in our pilot redesign in Economics: we want to put the adjunct classes in a lab so that the students and the student instructor can utilize APLIA as part of their supplemental instruction. APLIA is an interactive software learning system for Economics that gives students assignments to facilitate their understanding of how best decisions are made in an economic setting. The students can simulate the real world through interaction with a model and assume roles as consumers or producers, thereby learning how the market behaves and how trade takes place. I think APLIA is a wonderful example of an interactive software system that promotes active learning, and that students could benefit greatly from having instruction in its application through the adjunct.

By Suzanne Aurilio - 10/31/2007 Improving Academic Success – Using Adjuncts for Gatekeeper Gen. Ed. Courses The


Featured Campus Project: CSU San Bernardino

The focus of our project is the transformation of our first-year experience project, the Gateway Program. We plan to restructure the program so that the third Gateway-enhanced course that students take will be a large class (such as PSYCH 100, HSCI 120, or HIST 142) transformed—through technology and other pedagogical strategies—from a lecture-based format into inquiry-based courses that promote active learning and greater teacher-student interaction and are consistent with the Gateway Program philosophy.

 Utilizing the three Gateway-enhanced large classes in Spring 2008 as part of the Spring 2008 offering will enable us to achieve our learning outcomes at a much lower cost than the previous approach, which would have us offering sixteen Gateway-enhanced courses in the Spring 2008 capped at 20 students.

 You can learn more about our project on our website.