Our project Summary

Posted by: Suzanne Aurilio
Date: 10/31/2007 11:21 am
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Improving Academic Success – Using Adjuncts for Gatekeeper Gen. Ed. Courses
The Learning Skills adjunct classes provide students at CSUS with a focused, nurturing environment conducive to successful learning. Our adjunct courses offer supplementary instruction as a cost-effective way to give students the skills necessary to succeed in large lecture sections.  Under the guidance of trained and supervised senior students acting as Adjunct Facilitators, students practice the skills necessary to succeed in the GE coursework.  While the focus of each Learning Skills adjunct class is directed towards successful completion of the concurrently enrolled GE course, the organizational activities, active learning strategies and collaborative techniques emphasized within the adjunct class transfer to other academic areas, contributing to improved retention rates.  

In our project, the current Adjunct Coordinator will work with campus leadership to promote the expansion of the adjunct program beyond the current focus on students from targeted demographic groups, and to additional GE courses where large numbers of students historically have encountered academic obstacles to success. This seed project will include an analysis of the cost savings from such an expansion of Supplemental instruction through the adjunct program, as a result of decreasing the number of course repetitions due to failure or withdrawal so that the required number of sections and number of faculty members to teach them are reduced.  If we can move our students through more quickly by enabling them to pass key courses in fewer attempts, this will generate considerable savings both in terms of institutional resources and student investment.