Sonoma State

Project Summary

Title: STAMPEDE - Supporting and Transforming Academic Milestones: Pachyderm-Enhanced Demonstrations and Education

Category: Capability Development 

The STAM:PEDE program is intended to improve student learning in high enrollment General Education courses, while simultaneously addressing the issue of instructional costs, through the development of engaging online units of instruction.  STAM:PEDE will offer a structured Faculty Learning Community to better foster exchange and development of ideas across disciplines, as well as systematic training opportunities for participating faculty.

The online content of each STAM:PEDE course will be increased to approximately 25%.  To better accommodate a variety of student learning styles, the online units of instruction will be multi-modal and non-linear in format; while they will be accessed and experienced in a self-paced mode by individual students, collaborative learning experiences will be developed as extensions. To decrease passive lecture time, our intent is to reduce teacher-directed lectures by approximately 25% in number and to decrease the amount of teacher-directed lecture time within a class session by an additional 25%.  To increase the amount of active and cooperative learning in class meetings, each online unit of instruction will contain questions and prompts that will be incorporated into class meetings by instructors

Project Lead:
Brett Christie, Director Faculty Development

Pachyderm Training:
Lou Zweier, Director, CSU Center for Distributed Learning

Faculty Learning Community:
Sheila Cunningham, University Library
John Sullins, Philosophy
Melissa Vandeveer, Nursing
Tryon Woods, Criminology & Criminal Justice