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Collaborative Teams address instructional costs

Posted by: tcarey
Date: 4/9/2008 8:01 pm
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Our team members attending the national Redesign Alliance conference in March concluded that many CSU institutions have already implemented the cost reduction strategies used in Course Redesigns led by the National Center for Academic Transformation.  (At some campuses, it did appear that the number of course sections offered might be reduced – if appropriate instructional enhancements could be introduced to retain or enhance course outcomes and if sufficient  options were available for students to complete their class schedules.)

A more promising approach identified by the teams for the CSU was a focus on the “cost per successful outcome” for a course, rather than the traditional “cost per student” enrolled.  This approach is also being used in the campus-based stream of the Transforming Course Design program, where reducing the number of students repeating a course is being examined as a way to produce reductions in the number of course sections required.


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At some campuses, it did appear that the number of course sections offered might be reduced – if appropriate instructional enhancements could be introduced to retain or enhance course outcomes and if sufficient  options were available for students to complete their class schedules.

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