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CSU Faculty meet with researchers from Carnegie Mellon University

A number of the resources produced by the Open Learning Initiative are relevant to projects in Transforming Course Design. This project at Carnegie Mellon University is supported by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation Open Educational Resources program. The CMU team has integrated theory from cognitive sciences with multimedia resources to engage active learning and  target specific learning challenges for students.

CSU faculty using the OLI Statistics modules recently met with the CMU team to provide feedback on their experiences.  Mark Schilling from CSUN and David Meredith from SFSU, along with Caren McClure from Rancho Santiago Community College, met with CMU course developers, Candace Thille and Oded Myer. Prof. Schilling reports:

It was a productive meeting in which we compared our very different pedagogical approaches as well as discussing some of the technological issues involved. The CMU team is very interested in making whatever improvements may be needed.