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CSU Monterey Bay to apply Course Redesign for technology and information literacy

A joint project team from the CSUMB Library and the School of Information Technology and Communication Design will be developing a course redesign for CST 101, a course in technology and information literacy. The team plans to reduce sections of CST 101 from 13 to 5, and cut the 23% F/W rate in half. They have also identified a number of other CSUMB courses where the online tutorials produced for the redesign could be re-used.

The course redesign will feature a "buffet model" with multiple learning opportunities available to students. The preliminary plan includes using short lectures podcast by instructors to explain the concepts behind word-processing, presentation, and spreadsheet software. Students will also be able to do a self-paced, interactive online tutorial on each of the software tools. Assessment of learning will be built into these learning modules. 


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