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CSU Sacramento launches project in 1st year Economics

Posted by: tcarey
Date: 4/9/2008 7:43 pm
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Sacramento State's new campus project in Transforming Course Design will be running a pilot test in Fall 2008. The project is a partnership between the Economics Department, the Learning Skills Center and the office of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies. They will run two sections of Intro Economics with the same instructor: one small class (50), and one large class (150) enhanced by use of  tutorial software for Economics (Aplia) and supplemental instruction offered by undergraduate learning assistants. The team expects to show sufficient reduction in the D/F/W rate – estimated at 30% for small class, 45% for large class without enhancements, 10% for large class after enhancements – to more than pay for the enhancements through reducing sections required to accommodate students repeating the course in future.


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