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Provosts Invited to Submit nominations for multi-campus collaborations in Transforming Course Design [from Gary Reichard’s Memorandum to Provosts, via Tom Carey, Oct 26 2007]

Posted by: tcarey
Date: 11/23/2007 12:20 pm
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For Fall 2007 the Transforming Course Design focus will be on multi-campus collaborations. Provosts have been invited to submit their preferred course candidates for collaborations: courses that have high enrollment, unsatisfactory student rates of success, and faculty commitment to participation in the redesign process and openness to implementation of the results.

 November 30: Provosts will submit their campus candidate courses to Academic Affairs for review.

December 12: Best candidates for multi-campus collaborations in course redesign will be identified.

December 18:  Faculty recommended by Provosts for participation in the redesign process will be selected as part of the core redesign team or the peer review team.

The core redesign team will analyze the curricular areas in which outcomes are not satisfactory, including

  • a review of scholarship and exemplary practice that could be effectively adopted by CSU faculty to enhance student learning
  • identification of “gaps” in both resources available and pedagogical practices that might lead the CSU to develop new resources and pedagogies; and
  •  analysis of savings for both students and institution that could result from the redesign process.

 The peer review team will review the redesign and provide feedback to support wide applicability of the resulting resources and learning designs.  By May 30, we expect to have at least 2 multi-campus course redesign project plans for high impact courses ready for implementation in the 2008-2009 academic year.


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