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SDSU Course Design Institute Team Meets with Associate Deans

The SDSU Course Design Institute (CDI) Team met with Associate Deans for a Question and Answer Luncheon on the CDI. The goals of the luncheon were to begin opening up institutional conversations about course design, to inform the Colleges of the services and successes of the CDI,  and to begin directly involving the Colleges in the selection and support of 2008 CDI Fellows.

  • Geoff Chase, Dean of the Division of Undergraduate Studies, hosted the luncheon.
The CDI Team include:
  • Cathie Atkins, Director of pICT, People, Information and Communication Technologies
  • Suzanne Aurilio, Assistant Director, pICT
  • Brock Allen, Director of Center for Teaching and Learning
  • James Frazee, Director of Instructional Technology Services
  • Jim Julius, Associate Director of Instructional Technology Services