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SDSU Kicks off its Learning Stories on Course Design Luncheons

The Learning Stories Luncheon series is part of their Course Design Institute. It's a vehicle come together, hear from Faculty Fellows and have a conversation about course (re)design.

To participate in the conversation online, go to the CDI blog at

Jesse Dixon, Recreation, Parks, and Tourism
Rec 304 124 students
“My intent was to create a learning community centered around Blackboard as an “Eplatform” and redesigned teaching strategies. . . .”

Vinod Sasidharan, Recreation, Parks, and Tourism
Rec 404 75 students
“Students enjoyed having BlackBoard as a “one-stop-shop” portal for all class-related needs. Traditional forms of papers were described by students as being “not very enriching.” Overall, I think students enjoyed the utilization of technology for meeting Learning Outcomes. . . . ”

Tim Wulfemeyer, Journalism and Media Studies
JMS 200 420 students
‘We changed the structure/format of JMS 200 dramatically. We incorporated traditional lectures with F2F and online discussion sections. We had 20 such sections that were monitored by teaching assistants. . . .”