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Target areas selected for multi-campus collaborations

Posted by: tcarey
Date: 1/14/2008 10:52 am
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On January 9, Associate Vice-Chancellor Keith Boyum announced the selection of Development Mathematics and General Chemistry as the initial target areas for CSU multi-campus collaborations in Transforming Course Design.

Provosts are nominating faculty candidates for the following roles in these two projects:

Design Team members will work collaboratively with faculty colleagues, Tom Carey and other Chancellor's Office staff, and the CSU Center for Distributed Learning staff to plan, select, and/or develop new activities and resources which can be incorporated in redesigned campus courses to improve student learning outcomes (reduce D, W, F’s) and reduce costs ($ and time). 

Review Team members will provide evaluations and recommendations to the Design Team, to insure that the project activities are fully informed by the needs and contexts on  the Review Team members' own campuses and that the resulting activities and resources can be taken up in their institution's target courses.

We have scheduled conference calls on January 18th (3 pm) and 23rd (8 am) when interested faculty can learn more about the expectations for participating in the project and inquire about the planned processes and support. Dial in: 866-213-2185  access code 5042895 

For more information, contact Tom Carey at or 562 708 2572.


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