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Update from Sonoma State

Posted by: tcarey
Date: 2/4/2008 4:37 pm
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The STAM:PEDE program at Sonoma State is developing new course designs and multimedia resources in four course areas: First Year Experience Seminar, Philosophy 101, Information Literacy, and Nursing. The projects initially focused on Threshold Concepts.  Online Units of Instruction were then developed according to respective threshold concepts and critical knowledge.  We were also able to develop an interdisciplinary faculty learning community around Transforming Course Design.


Posted by: sustainability on 5/22/2019 3:44 am

The goal of CSUSB's Transforming Course Design project is to restructure the Gateway Program, our First-Year Experience project, in ways that implement cost-saving measures that will promote sustainability and institutionalization.  The new structure includes merging several 20-person cohorts (established in the fall and winter quarters in ENG 085A/B) into one large class in spring quarter: five cohorts will merge into one section of PSYCH 100; four cohorts will merge into HIST 142; and three cohorts will merge into the HSCI 120 lecture and will take the lab in their original cohorts of 20. Happy Wheels apk online.

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